When Life Gets Big - Burglar

When Life Gets Big

Mercedes-Benz Vans


The Challenge

Mercedes-Benz was launching a family-oriented van aimed at younger adults. However, due to the brand’s reputation among their parents’ generation, they needed TBWA\Paris to create a campaign that playfully reflected transitions into adulthood—from expanding families to evolving passions.

The Solution

Amidst a sea of homogeneous advertisements featuring typical car photography and conventional lifestyle scenes, TBWA\Paris breathed new life into the traditionally conservative sector.

Departing from normal depictions of commitment, the campaign used fun and unconventional illustrations to symbolize life’s big moments.

The Results

The impact of the campaign was profound, transcending industry norms and resulting in a significant uptick in sales of the Classe T family van.

By breaking the conventions of the sector and infusing the campaign with a fresh, youthful essence, they reached a broader audience and sparked heightened engagement. This departure from traditional advertising methods not only captured attention but also drove a notable change in consumer behavior, with more individuals gravitating towards the Mercedes-Benz brand. Consequently, the perception of the brand shifted positively, positioning Mercedes-Benz as innovative and in tune with the evolving needs and desires of young adults. These achievements surpassed TBWA\Paris’ initial objectives, solidifying the campaign’s success in revitalizing the brand’s image and driving tangible results in sales and consumer perception. 

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