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Nosotras Women Connecting


The Challenge

In Costa Rica, thousands of girls miss school when they are on their period because they lack the economic resources to buy menstrual products. Because to this, Nosotras Women Connecting, an NGO that promotes women’s rights, proposed a bill that aimed to provide these products for free in schools.

Enter RIOT\TBWA, who had to convince the 57 congress members to sign a law that wasn’t even on their radar.

The Solution

Nosotras Women Connecting and RIOT\TBWA conducted a 360° multimedia advertising campaign to capture the attention of the congress members, but it was ignored. Their attention was focused elsewhere–their cell phones.

So, we sourced the phone numbers of the 57 congress members and added them one by one to a WhatsApp group named “Thank you Congress members🙏”.

In this group, Costa Rican girls tagged them and thanked them in advance for signing a law that would change their future forever.

5 days after creating the WhatsApp group, the bill was brought to debate and became law.

The Results

People reached across the campaigns two phases
Out of the 57 politicians pledged their support for the campaign

With a budget of $50,000, the campaign generated media, PR and influencer coverage worth $4m. The bill was passed unopposed, with 39 out of 39 votes being cast in favor of the law change.

Welcome to the Group