Welcome to Cheddar Town

Welcome to Cheddar Town

Mini Cheddars


The Challenge

During lockdown, snack sales surged, but one brand was left behind. Pigeonholed as a children’s packed-lunch treat, Mini Cheddars failed to resonate with adults, who are Britain’s biggest snack consumers. Urgently needing a revival, the brand faced daunting challenges: a minuscule market share, 2% spontaneous awareness, and a modest marketing budget dwarfed by competitors.

The Solution

With a delicate balance to strike, a new campaign created a vibrant cheesy world shot through with an undercurrent of edgy humor. 

Cheddar Town took an adult comedy animation approach that looks like childhood, and successfully spoke to the brand’s target audience.

The Results

Once underperforming, Mini Cheddars, exceeded all expectations and outperformed the entire snack category, Generating category-leading revenue growth (+21%) in a market whose growth had slowed to just 4.1% .