Water Drinks Gatorade

Water Drinks Gatorade

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180 Amsterdam

The Challenge

Sometimes, past success can hinder future growth. So, for every brand, there comes a time when they need to, in the famous words of Billy Beane, “adapt or die.”

Coming out of the pandemic, Gatorade was struggling to maintain market share in the Philippines as its main competitors rapidly gained ground. Due to the brand’s heritage and iconic advertising featuring the greatest athletes of our time, there was a perception that Gatorade was only for professionals and serious athletes – which meant that a larger group of more casual athletes and exercisers didn’t think Gatorade was for them.

The introduction of Gatorade No Sugar was an opportunity to connect with this broader audience, drive consideration, and strengthen the brand’s position. 

The Solution

Through research, 180 Amsterdam discovered that 50% of Gatorade’s audience (incorrectly) believed that water was enough to stay optimally hydrated when exercising – so they needed to demonstrate, in a culturally relevant way, that Gatorade’s electrolytes would help them during workouts.

In the Philippines, it’s common for people to get creative with naming their children – from Covid Bryant to Sincerely Yours – and through social listening, they found a student named Drink Water Rivera who had just gone viral.

He became the new brand ambassador. They announced it with a comedic-style mockumentary about his life and motto. It showed him using water for everything in life, except when working out because even Water knows that to ensure optimal hydration, you need Gatorade.

The Results

Media Impressions
Earned media reach


The film presented a fresh perspective on the “old and serious sports performance brand” to a new active audience, resulting in a 46% increase in Gatorade No Sugar’s sales compared to the same period last year. This growth outperformed all competitors, with bottled water sales increasing by 17%, Pocari by 36%, and Powerade by 19%.

Yes, it outperformed bottled water. 

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