Unexpected Guest

Banco de Crédito del Perú


The Challenge

BCP, Peru’s largest bank, needed to raise awareness about the dangers of using typical passwords—like those using important dates such as births or weddings. These passwords are easily deciphered by criminals, as they can often be found with a simple search on the web or on the social networks of the people whose cards or cell phones are stolen.

Through a simple and strong message, the risk had to be clearly illustrated so that customers realize the importance of strengthening the security of their passwords—and see BCP as a brand that puts security first.

The Solution

With a simple and humorous style, TBWA\Peru helped BCP create a campaign that breaks the barrier that usually separates people from financial institutions they perceive as distant. In this way, BCP managed to get closer and therefore transmit the important message of financial security.

Thanks to a widely relevant topic, the campaign managed to bring the brand closer not only to its existing customers, but to all those who see it.