The Other Prostate Check - Takeover

The Other Prostate Check 



The Challenge

Every 45 minutes in the UK alone, one man dies from a treatable illness: prostate cancer. 

One of the main reasons is they often avoid the test, thinking it involves a finger up their backside. But it doesn’t anymore. There’s an alternative – a simple blood test taken from the arm. 

Since knowing this information would have a direct impact on the number of people dying from prostate cancer, Prost8 needed to make as many men aware as possible. 

The Solution

For Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, TBWA\MCR created a campaign that challenged the misconception men have about their prostate check by showing huge images of where it’s taken from.

Using a visual trick, with arms blown up to look like bums, they revealed the true nature of where the prostate test is conducted. First, viewers realize they’re wrong about what the image is. Then, they realize they’re wrong about what the prostate check is.

The Results

Organic impressions in just two weeks
Reactions across TikTok, Instagram & LinkedIn

The comments that this campaign received have been incredibly positive so far, with many men saying now that they know this information, they will get checked. While it’s too early to see the direct impact this campaign will have on the prostate cancer death rate, all early signs show that it could make a real difference.