The New Skin

The New Skin

Comisión contra el Cáncer


The Challenge

Comisión contra el Cáncer wanted to raise awareness about UV exposure and the negative impact it has on skin. In particular, they aimed to showcase it using the greatest passion of Uruguayans: football.

The Solution

Cámara\TBWA worked with the Comisión contra el Cáncer to create The New Skin, the world’s first football jersey with UPF 50 technology. It blocks 98% of the sun’s UV rays, protecting children playing football from UV rays at their most dangerous and damaging to the skin.

The Results

The concept garnered significant attention from both youth football clubs and the public. Other clubs soon followed suit, creating their own jerseys.

Most notably, it caught the attention of authorities, who decided to ban matches between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm – the traditional time for children’s football games, in an effort to further support the cause.