The Neverending Thread

The Neverending Thread



The Challenge

Hoseg, a Peruvian clothing brand that uses Alpaca fiber for its products, wanted to launch and promote its Threads account, but they wanted to do so in a way that aligned with their brand purpose and make real change for the children living in the Andes Mountains who are vulnerable to the freezing conditions but can’t afford proper attire.

The Solution

To encourage interaction with the new Threads account, TBWA\Peru invited people to comment on the first thread. In return, Hoseg pledged to donate jackets to children in the Andean region.

Collaborating with an engineer, they programmed a minicomputer to the Threads account to detect any time someone commented on a post. Each comment sent a signal to sewing machines producing the jackets. These user comments activated the machines, transforming digital threads into real ones and providing warmth for thousands of children.

The Results

To date, the project has yielded donations equal to 17% of Hoseg’s annual production. That means 900 jackets for children who need them.

The campaign elevated Hoseg’s profile, highlighting its sustainability and social responsibility values. It boosted engagement on the Threads platform, increased brand recognition, and achieved donation goals. Users transformed their online interactions into acts of solidarity, actively participating in social change. Hoseg strengthened its image as a community-focused company, with consumers associating it with empathy and social action. This sets a precedent for purpose-driven business practices in the industry. The response rate was 68%.