The Most Illegal Beer

The Most Illegal Beer



The Challenge

In over a third of countries worldwide, laws continue to exist that prevent women from engaging in activities permitted for men – laws that limit women’s job options and dictate their appearance and behavior. This starkly highlights the ongoing issue of gender inequality: Women globally are still denied the same professional and personal freedoms as men.

The Solution

HeimatTBWA\ hijacked the holy water of manhood as an ideal conversation starter, encouraging everyone, including men, to experience global gender injustices through a beer.

The Most Illegal Beer defies laws from over 50 countries worldwide simply because it’s crafted by women. Women from various nations came together to make this beer, engaging in activities that are prohibited for them but permitted for men. They worked with yeast in a brewery, produced alcohol, maintained and repaired machinery, worked night shifts, operated hand trucks, lifted heavy beer containers, drove trucks, wore makeup and form-fitting jeans, and enjoyed beer in bars. The entire process deliberately contravened the sexist laws of their home countries, including Russia, Uruguay, Italy, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and the USA. Proceeds from the beer’s sales supported Women For Women International, an NGO advocating for global gender equality.

The Results

Faster sales growth for Muschicraft compared to category average
Increase in online conversations about unequal laws
People reached worldwide
Positive impressions
Increase in brand mentions during the campaign
Increase in social engagement

The Most Illegal Beer gave Muschicraft 300% faster sales growth than category average. After selling out quickly, a second batch was already brewed. 

Online conversations about unequal laws have increased by 290%. Everyone was activated. Men were engaged in the gender equality talk more than ever, mobilized to rethink the reality of gender inequality, and even to demand change. 

The project so far has garnered over 1.68B reach worldwide and generated over 3.4M Euro earned media, with nearly 99% positive impressions. It amassed coverage and sparked discussions even in countries with laws broken by the beer, like Russia, Italy, the USA, China, Uruguay, etc. 

Brand mentions of Muschicraft raised 4000% during the campaign, while its social engagement went up by 1571%. With this project, we put this feminist beer brand firmly onto the map of the male-dominated beer world, and in people’s minds too. 

The Most Illegal Beer montage of posters