The Dog Food Vending Machine

The Dog Vending Machine

Hau-Hau Champion – PrimaPet


The Challenge

Hau-Hau Champion, a dog food brand, is dedicated to providing every dog with the perfect food option. The brand’s philosophy states that every dog has the right to enjoy great-tasting and healthy food. They offer a wide variety of products catering to different diets, breeds, and sizes. However, pet owners often find it challenging to select the perfect option for their pets, a dilemma that not only causes unnecessary stress but also food waste.

Hau-Hau Champion enlisted TBWA\Helsinki to discover new and inventive methods to help dog owners make the best food choices for their furry companions.

The Solution

Introducing: The Dog Vending Machine. Designed like a cartoonish dog house, the vending machine provides an enticing product trial experience for the “consumer” (aka, dogs).

Powered by AI, The Dog Vending Machine comes equipped with canine face recognition, scanning the dog’s head to decipher the size of the dog. It then dispenses the appropriate portion of kibble for the pup to try.

After the product trial, the machine disinfects the bowl with a sanitizing blue UV light, making the bowl ready and safe for the next customer. By syncing their smartphones with the machine, owners can buy their best friend’s new favorite food with just one touch.

The Results

Media and social reach
Sales increase compared to last year – equivalent to €650,000 
Of Finnish dog owners reached

Thanks to the vending machine, dog food was home-delivered from more than 2000 partner stores across Finland. 

The machine served as a pilot project in Hau-Hau Champion’s quest to reduce the waste of dog food, and in the future, we’ll see it in use not only in Finland but also in other parts of Europe.