The 26 Signs poster

The 26 Signs

Alexander Monro hospital & Breast Care Foundation


The Challenge

Breast cancer isn’t top of mind for people under 50, despite 25% of cases coming from that age group. 

Young adults are all too often not aware that there are more symptoms and factors than the infamous lump, and most existing initiatives neglect the other, more visible, symptoms related to early stages of the disease. 

To drive aware awareness in young adults and teach them the early signs for intervention, Alexander Monro Hospital, the first ever hospital specialized in breast cancer, tasked TBWA\NEBOKO to find a creative way to educate.

The Solution

Working closely with medical experts, TBWA\NEBOKO created The 26 Signs, a specially curated alphabet with each of the 26 letters illustrating a different symptom of breast cancer. To accurately depict changes in skin and texture, each letter was brought to life through animation. 

Debuting during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the campaign unveiled a powerful film and a photo showing 26 patients, survivors, and their loved ones holding these signs. 

The 26 Signs were also made into a an interactive guide, complete with descriptions, a knowledge assessment test, and video testimonials from patients and doctors. 

To accompany the campaign, a comprehensive press kit was made, offering interview opportunities with patients and specialists. This was distributed to retailers, publishers, and media outlets tailored to young adults and women specifically.  

The Results

Website visits in one month

Interview requests poured in. The campaign was mentioned in every major media outlet for young adults: magazines, online platforms, social media, and radio.

Over 600 General Practitioners embraced the campaign, displaying the posters in their practices. TBWA\NEBOKO also received requests to translate The 26 signs to 7 more languages. 

The 26 Signs