Take your time

Take Your Time



The Challenge

In 2024, Schweppes made a fundamental shift in its brand platform by targeting a segment that truly drinks and loves the brand (80% of consumers): 50+ year-olds. These individuals have experience, maturity, and an acquired taste, taking their time to savor life. A new platform was launched to emphasize the drinks that don’t define themselves as merely soda or soft drink, but as a beverage meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

The Solution

This campaign is a tribute to time; a celebration of those who know how to pause, take a sip, and savor life. Schweppes is a drink that has always required time—time for its complex ingredients and processes, time for preparation, and time for enjoyment. To achieve this, the brand highlights a group of sophisticated and elegant friends, the core target audience, gathered around the “sobremesa,” a Spanish-origin tradition in which guests linger at the table, chat, and enjoy life in a friendly manner. The campaign will be broadcast across Europe, particularly in Spain—one of the brand’s key markets and the filming location.