Spikevax That Body

Spikevax That Body


TBWA\Health Collective

The Challenge

In late 2023, Moderna was ready to launch its very first branded product, Spikevax (COVID-19 vaccine), at precisely the moment the world was absolutely done talking about COVID and vaccinations.

The Solution

Since the world was done talking about COVID, Spikevax found something people did want to discuss—its name! Late-night TV and social media latched onto “Spikevax,” so TBWA\Health Collective leaned right into it.

For the first time in history, they turned a pharma brand name into a verb, a call to action—Spikevax That Body—then embedded it into people’s established health routines.

Executions showed people engaged in various wellness activities, from common to niche and quirky, then presented Spikevax as just another “action” they should add to their routines to stay healthy.

The VO and music made “Spikevax that body” into a memorable, fun earworm and turned the brand into an attitude, a lifestyle, a call-to-arms. Then all of it was wrapped up in a super stylish, distinctive, energetic approach, showcasing a highly inclusive and dynamic swath of humanity doing what they love to do.

The Results

Brand awareness (2x Pfizer)
Total market share
People vaccinated in H2 2023

As a bonus, the campaign was complimented by the FDA for its authentic representation of diversity and US demographics—not only with a broad range of age, race, gender, and people with disabilities—but also by portraying them in non-stereotypical ways.