Philips gentle shaver featuring pringles

Shaving Every Mustache

Philips x Pringles


The Challenge

Philips has maintained a dominant position as the leading brand in the Korean electric shaver market. But as the market share of its competitor continued to rise, competition intensified. 

Philips had identified Gen Z as its future core consumers and launched a new product called the “Gentle Shaver 5000X” targeting them. 

TBWA\Korea recognized the need for a high-profile, captivating campaign that humorously communicates the shaver’s outstanding cutting power and gentle shaving experience. But knowing the traits of Gen Z, the traditional masculine and technical tone of Korean electric shaver advertisements wouldn’t work. A fresh approach was necessary to boost brand awareness and engagement for younger consumers.

The Solution

TBWA\Korea found an unlikely but perfect duo. 

Philips and Pringles belong to entirely different categories—grooming appliances and food—but at the same time, they have something in common: BEARD. Drawing on this, TBWA\Korea launched a campaign with a story that fuses Pringles and Philips with two distinct personalities.

The story featured the Philips shaver itself as a character interacting with Pringles’ mascot, Mr. P., and his infamous facial hair. Using 3D animation and Fake Out-Of-Home (FOOH) films, Philips introduced playful activities and piqued consumer curiosity with the question, “Who’s next?”. This approach effectively conveyed Philips’ message while reimagining their brand image for modern consumers.

The Results

Increase in sales for Gentle Shaver 5000X
Sales for main product
Follower count tripled on Philips Korea’s Instagram

In addition, the campaign left a positive impression on consumers. The pop-up store set a target of 3,000 visitors. It surpassed that by over 200%, with 6,167 visitors total. On average, the pop-up store experience received an average score of 4.6 out of 5 points from survey participants. And on Instagram, the number of followers on Philips Korea’s official account tripled.