Over 30

Billboard Brazil


The Challenge

The success of people under 30 is frequently celebrated, as seen in countless “30 Under 30” lists. But to some, reaching age 30 is a triumph in itself. Brazil continues to rank No. 1 worldwide for trans murders (14 years in a row), with many victims between 18 and 29.

Despite Brazil’s reputation for joy and festivity (stemming from traditions like Carnival, samba, and football), it remains a predominantly conservative nation where prejudice is ingrained in its culture.

Billboard, a forward-thinking brand with a history of shaping global pop culture through journalism and music, recognizes its responsibility to fight prejudice and dismantle barriers that hinder progress and individual growth. Advocating for equality, humanity, and safety for all is the least an influential cultural platform should do.

The Solution

After an eight-year absence, Billboard returned to Brazil in 2023 with a different approach than when it left. They partnered with Lew’Lara\TBWA to create “Over 30”, an issue to bring awareness and pay tribute to the trans people who, against the odds, surpass the age of 30.

The January 2024 edition features a list of 30 outstanding Brazilians leading the fight against transphobia in Brazil, including actress, singer and presenter Pepita; musician Mel Gonçalves; and singer, songwriter, businessperson and teacher Raquel. The complete list can be viewed here.

By showcasing the talents of transgender individuals, this project highlights a stark contrast in values and draws attention to the deeply ingrained transphobia in Brazil. It fosters a shift in mindset, amplifies the cause, and uses Billboard’s powerful communication platform to break through barriers and reach where change is most needed.

The Results

The project saw significant impact in the media, with 180 million impressions, and the issue became one of the best-selling editions of Billboard in Brazil. The project was not created to be a special edition, but rather an ongoing dialogue with society. ‘Over 30’ has become an established section on Billboard’s website and will feature annual publications and a fixed section that gives space to present new trans talents and future Overthirties.

The best result of all is having reached those with the power to make changes. Billboard Over 30’s mission is to be a vehicle for positive transformation, to make society see trans people differently, breaking the cycle of prejudice and violence that leads us to lose so many lives every year.