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Stop Accidents


The Challenge

Even with enhanced safety measures in the automotive industry, the death toll from road accidents in Spain saw a significant increase in 2023. Despite this, people remain simply unaware of the potential dangers and the need for both safer roads and safer driving.

The Solution

What if a victim of a traffic accident could save lives?

The Google Maps “Add Missing Place” feature is usually used to highlight places of interest and businesses–until now. HeimatTBWA\ hijacked this feature and turned it into one that people can use to create digital memorials.

Memorial Route not only brings awareness to the issue of road incidents, but it also saves lives and turns Spain’s traffic victims into heroes–keeping their memories alive and bringing meaning to their accidents.

The Results

Earned media

Memorial Route broke the silence around the reality of road accidents. Thousands of people have placed pins on Google Maps so far, all marking the exact spot they lost a loved one. By sharing the victims’ stories, the families are spreading their messages and raising awareness for safer streets.

This movement forced people to see the tragic reality around road safety, and the campaign became a widely discussed topic all over the media in Spain–on TV, radio, social media, and in newspapers. It even sparked a debate within the Spanish Parliament around the issue of safer roads.

The campaign generated 315 million impressions and 5.1 million in earned media… all on a budget of 0 euros. But most importantly, Memorial Route has become an open platform for everyone–in Spain and across the globe–to help save lives.