McDonald’s Lovin’ All

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The Challenge

The Filipino Gen Z audience champions inclusive queer representation, yet remains vigilant against tokenistic brand advocacies. In fact, 56% of Gen Z feel brands often get it wrong (source: UniDays). This skepticism doesn’t boil down to a hatred for brands but rather a desire to see themselves represented authentically. This is what Gen Z values, and so does McDonald’s Philippines.

So, how can McDonald’s Philippines break through and connect with guarded Gen Z-ers, and prove themselves as a sincere advocate for all kinds of love? How can the company earn Gen Zs’ admiration, highlight how it upholds and promotes inclusivity, and leave a cultural impact that will show how sincere and serious McDonald’s is about the causes it stands up for?

The Solution

While other brands in the Philippines portray queer love with overly dramatized scenes, McDonald’s normalized it by depicting a lesbian love story like any other relationship.

In a film, a skater girl circles the Drive-Thru sneaking cheeky glances with the female crew member. The twist? They’re a couple. The film, similar to the reality of LGBTQ+ love, was ordinarily beautiful. Featuring a lesbian crew also reflected how McDonald’s welcomes both customers and employees. McDonald’s went further and tweaked its tagline from “Love Ko ‘To” (Lovin’ It) to “Love Ko All” (Lovin’ All) for the campaign. This made its commitment to inclusivity loud and clear; beyond sharing a narrative, it embodied a belief in love and acceptance for all.

The Results

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