McDonald’s del Obelisco


TBWA\Buenos Aires

The Challenge

In Argentina, McDonald’s faces strong competition from local brand Mostaza, which capitalizes on its “Argentine-ness” despite having a similar business model and product offerings.

To outperform Mostaza, McDonald’s needed to adopt a more localized approach and establish a closer connection with Argentine consumers.

The Solution

Following Argentina’s World Cup victory, TBWA\Buenos Aires leveraged McDonald’s official sponsorship of the national team by presenting the iconic “El McDonald’s del Obelisco” as a witness to numerous significant events in the country’s recent history.

Through ‘The Voice of an Icon,’ the McDonald’s del Obelisco tells listeners everything it’s seen from its notable viewpoint, from the return of democracy to the return of Messi. As people engaged with its stories, McDonald’s from other cities across Argentina joined the conversation, successfully creating local connections across the country.

The Results

Increase in interactions
Increase in reach
Increase in brand sentiment
Positive comments
Top of mind
Favorite brand