McDelivery - Stuck


McDonald’s France


The Challenge

The home delivery market is extremely competitive in France: UberEats, Deliveroo, the Burger King application, Just-Eat… everyone is communicating.

How to differentiate yourself?

McDonald’s is a comforting meal. Everyone has their favorite McDonald’s menu item, their little habits and preferences. When we order McDonald’s, we don’t want surprises, we simply want to find flavors that we know and love. It’s what we crave in all the funny situations where we need comfort, but the context means, unfortunately, that we are stuck…

The Solution

TBWA\Paris created a one-minute McDonald’s ad to promote home delivery via the McDo+ app, featuring a humorous approach. The film showcases various situations where people want to eat McDonald’s but are unable to do so. They are stuck at work or at home, unable to visit a restaurant, and sing “why they can’t” to the tune of Daniel Powter’s global hit “Bad Day.” Fortunately, there is a solution: the McDo+ app allows users to order McDonald’s directly to their location without having to move.

The Results

The food delivery film did not show a single delivery man, nor any food tasting. But thanks to its humor, its recognizable song (that all French people know), and its unconventional approach, the film immediately stood out among the competitors.

Following the campaign, the app was downloaded more than 800,000 times, surpassing competitors like Burger King and Deliveroo as the most downloaded apps. Orders placed on the application increased by more than 47%. The campaign was relayed in media around the world thanks to its creative and relatable message.