Le Chocolat des Françaises

Le Chocolat des Françaises

Le Chocolat des Français


The Challenge

Le Chocolat des Français enjoys creating beautifully illustrated packaging for their chocolate bars, featuring numerous French symbols such as monuments, gastronomy, and great men. However, very few women are represented. Why is that? It’s because most of French history was written by men, who often neglected to acknowledge the significant contributions of great women.

The Solution

On International Women’s Day, Le Chocolat des Français decided to give the great forgotten women of French history the spotlight they deserve by creating a collection dedicated to them: Chocolat des Françaises. To make amends for the lack of women on its bars, the brand went all in by highlighting four overlooked women who were unfairly deprived of their creation, discovery, or fame. An interactive collection of bars was made, featuring packaging with four portraits. When scanned on Snapchat, buyers could uncover four animated films in which these exceptional women tell their stories.

The Results

10,000 bars were sold in under a week. The films were played more than 50,000 times on Snapchat, the equivalent of around 27,000 minutes of playback. Google searches for the names of our four pioneers increased drastically on Google (multiplied by 653 for Olympe de Gouges, by 1034 for Alice Guy, by 748 for Marthe Gautier, by 873 for Sophie Germain)