Invisible City

The Land of the Invisibles

SP Invisível


The Challenge

The number of homeless individuals in São Paulo is on the rise, making the efforts of SP Invisível, a 10-year-old NGO combating homelessness, increasingly vital and requiring additional resources and volunteers. 

While São Paulo’s City Hall conducts extensive data collection on its homeless population, the public is unaware of the issue’s complexity.

In order to raise awareness and implement action, SP Invisível needed to reorganize the data in a way that would be impossible for people to ignore.

The Solution

Instead of showing the 31,884 people experiencing homelessness as a minority, iD\TBWA grouped these individuals into a new city, one that was larger than 89% of Brazilian municipalities, with its own statistics and characteristics, and a provocative metaphor about the problem.

They marked the city’s boundaries where most homeless people reside, alerting São Paulo residents of its existence through geolocated notifications. 

Finally, and importantly, they listened to these individuals, gathering new data from them and generating an action plan for their requests.

The Results

People reached
Lead generation
increase in NGO donations

The Land of the Invisibles campaign garnered massive PR value, reaching over 53 million people through society, authorities, and the press, with a +350% increase in visibility on social media. This surge in visibility led to increased donations and volunteering, getting political attention during an election year, and a historic increase in leads for the NGO.