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Zurich Insurance


The Challenge

Zurich Insurance provides everything one would expect from a sustainable insurance company. The issue, however, is that many people are unaware of this. In a market where consumers don’t care about the brand behind their insurance and where 70% of people struggle to differentiate between products on a rational level, Zurich lacked the profile needed to make an emotional impact.

Additionally, there’s a significant challenge in the German market: people’s fear of aging. This fear prevents one in two Germans from obtaining proper insurance, leaving many financially vulnerable during difficult times, such as when they experience an accident, become unable to work, or suffer environmental damage. The goal was to break down mental barriers and advocate for the insurance category.

The Solution

Zurich Insurance wants everyone to be able to look forward to the future. That’s why this campaign needed to challenge society’s obsession with youth and initiate a debate about humanity’s biggest fear – aging.

The idea: A campaign that celebrates the #JoyOfGettingOlder and sparks a cross-channel discussion throughout Germany. With tailored headlines for all ages between 17 and 97, it offers new perspectives on topics such as life goals, family, work, and hobbies.

Some of the campaign headlines were specifically designed for events like the CSD (Christopher Street Day) parade, the heavy metal festival Wacken, concerts, or party districts in major cities. Over 35 influencers helped spread #JoyOfGettingOlder instead of promoting youth madness, encouraging their communities to do the same. A total of 511 assets across all touchpoints featured an iconic, joyful look that helped everyone form a healthier relationship with aging.

The Results

Consideration uplift