Posters for the APA campaign against animal abuse




The Challenge

France is the European country with the highest number of domestic animals. However, the incidence of animal abuse is on the rise (+55% in 2022), and while associations work to take care of animals, only one association focuses on prosecuting perpetrators of violence: Action Protection Animale.
Action Protection Animale is the only organization that not only intervenes on the ground to save animals but also advocates for them in court.

The objective was to increase awareness and become THE authority in animal protection. Achieving this status meant recruiting more volunteers, enabling people to report instances of abuse directly to the appropriate organization, and raising awareness about animal rights.

The Solution

Through the use of morphing work, the campaign allowed three dogs who died due to their owners’ actions to share their experiences. The testimonies are both heart-wrenching and unsettling, as they are written from the innocent viewpoint of the dogs.

This approach highlights the stark contrast between the animal’s unconditional love and its owner’s violence. The three stories end with: “You would have been my best friend, in life, and in death,” and were inspired by real-life accounts of dogs killed by their owners.

TBWA\Paris understood that this message would directly impact APA’s sphere of influence, leading to widespread sharing of the campaign.

The Results

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