Identical Fans

Identical Fans



The Challenge

BCP, the leading bank in Peru and official sponsor of Peru’s national football team, had tickets to share for a match between Peru and Venezuela. Unfortunately, Peruvians were not particularly interested in following their football team, as it was running last in the World Cup Qualifiers.

The brief was clear: TBWA\Peru had to create an engaging promo for people to participate and for BCP to take advantage of its sponsorship.

The Solution

To boost engagement with the activation, TBWA\Peru developed AI-generated fans resembling Peruvian individuals near the date of a World Cup Qualifier match. BCP’s clients were invited to find and share their look-alike character for a chance to win match tickets. Winners were then selected from the participants, creating excitement around the event.

The Results

Views on Facebook
Clients browsed BCP’s site
Growth in participants
Brand sentiment
BCP web mentions

It was the most effective BCP promo of 2023.