Icons of You

Icons of You



The Challenge

For over 100 years, the world-famous Schwarzkopf silhouette logo has stood for perfect hair. But while the definition of perfect hair has evolved to match today’s diverse world, the logo has remained almost completely unchanged… until now.

The Solution

HeimatTBWA\ worked with Schwarzkopf to create Icons of You, opening the renowned Schwarzkopf brand to the people, and celebrating hair in all its diversity. 

They transformed the brand’s iconic silhouette and modeled it after real people, allowing them to become icons and celebrate hair in all its diversity.

The Results

Silhouettes created
Impressions on social media

As the campaign is being rolled out, awareness is continually growing. With activations out-of-home, on TV, and above all on digital channels, the campaign has transformed the Schwarzkopf brand into an inclusive platform, enabling everyone to tell their own hair story.

By creating the silhouette filter, HeimatTBWA\ gave consumers a tool to generate their own icons and share them across digital platforms, spreading the word. With over 1,000 silhouettes created as of now, and over 300 million impressions on social media, the campaign is still growing. As more and more people become a part of it, the reach is organically increasing as they continue to share their stories.

Moreover, Icons of You is changing the way people see Schwarzkopf as a brand, transforming their perception of it as one that celebrates professional haircare and craftsmanship, to one that also celebrates diversity and individuality, and is open to everyone out there.