Goals for Equality

Goals For Equality



The Challenge

Football is the most popular sport in the Netherlands. In a country of 17 million people, 1.2 million people are a member of the Dutch football association. Unfortunately, the unequal position of women in society is starkly reflected in the sport, where women are consistently denied the same opportunities as men. 

Research indicates that equality issues begin at the junior level, characterized by a shortage of coaches and training facilities. Young girls often lack proper dressing rooms, resulting in them having to change in referee rooms. Unlike men, women typically rely on public transportation to attend games, while men enjoy the luxury of touring cars. Disparities also exist in sponsorships, airtime, and media coverage in the professional league. 

All these inequalities not only impact the self-esteem and enjoyment of sports for girls and women but also contribute to the perception that women’s football is less interesting to the public.  

The Solution

Enter: “Goals for Equality” – an interactive brand activation that spotlights gender inequality in Dutch football. 

TBWA\NEBOKO created three life-sized football goals that illuminate the unequal treatment of women by making gaps and bending the crossbar. And not just randomly: the sizes of the gaps are data driven. For example, women receive 56% fewer coaches, so they reduced the goal in size by 56%. Another goal was based on the 59% women miss out on in sponsorships. And the last goal is over 67% smaller than a regular goal, because women get 67% less investments in football. 

‘Goals for Equality’ is a simple idea that effectively communicates a complex message. It shifts perceptions with an empowering statement: there are just as many female as male talents in football, the only difference is… that they aren’t afforded the same opportunities. 

The Results

Impressions on social media
People shared the lens on Snapchat
Of viewers reported being more aware of inequality in women’s football

The campaign broke ING’s record as most engaging campaign worldwide.