SG Enable


The Challenge

Despite being progressive in disability rights, 6 in 10 persons with disabilities in Singapore feel socially excluded and unable to contribute as desired. This stems from a society where people don’t face the reality of living with a disability, leading to awkward interactions. The insight: unfamiliarity with disability makes social interactions awkward. TBWA\Singapore aimed to lower this statistic and create a society where more Singaporeans with disabilities can participate and contribute as they wish.

The Solution

TBWA\Singapore partnered with SG Enable, Singapore’s first-stop for disability inclusion, to create a campaign that uses humour to turn the tables when it comes to disability inclusion, and focus instead on the inability of the “abled” to ditch their awkwardness and engage freely with persons with disabilities. 

TBWA and SG Enable launched a content series on TikTok, where our hosts with disabilities took to the streets of Singapore to answer some of the internet’s most awkward questions for persons with disabilities. TBWA\Singapore scoured the internet to find the most Frequently Awkward Questions, and got interviewees on the streets to get the hosts with disabilities to answer them.   

With their light-hearted and honest answers, they showed people how to ditch the awkwardness and interact freely with persons with disabilities. 

The Results

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