The Earthquake Calendar

Earthquake Calendar

İhtiyaç Haritası


The Challenge

Turkey’s vulnerability to earthquakes, especially in high-risk areas like Istanbul, necessitates raising awareness about earthquake preparedness and encouraging proactive measures to mitigate potential damage and loss of life.

Engaging the public through a creative and immersive experience is crucial for fostering a sense of urgency and empowering individuals to take action.

The Solution

TBWA\Istanbul created “The Earthquake Calendar”, an innovative solution to address Istanbul’s earthquake preparedness issue 

This creative approach features a captivating Jenga-inspired installation at Gazhane Musem, where visitors can pull out a date within its 365 blocks, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of earthquakes.

By promoting community participation, the campaign turns awareness into action and encourages shared responsibility. The museum setting adds importance to the message, inspiring deep engagement and reflection.

The Results

The campaign generated a high response rate, with hundreds of visitors engaging with the installation daily at Muze Gazhane, raising awareness about earthquakes in Istanbul and the importance of preparedness. The message reached thousands of individuals both offline and online through museum visits and social media sharing.  

 Importantly, the calendar prompted individuals to take proactive measures towards the potential earthquake.