Don’t Let Femicides be Covered Up

Don’t Let Femicides be Covered Up

BirGün Newspaper


The Challenge

Over the past few years, domestic violence and femicide rates have increased dramatically in Turkey. Despite the escalating issue, Turkey made the decision to withdraw from the Council of Europe Istanbul Convention and even considered repealing statute 6284, a law designed to prevent domestic violence against women.

Additionally, many femicide cases have been shrouded in suspicion, with 248 suspicious female deaths recorded in 2023 alone.

International Women’s Day saw marches and protests addressing these injustices, as women sought justice through various means. However, their voices were often silenced, and society began to normalize these tragic deaths.

The Solution

TBWA\Istanbul and BirGün Newspaper joined forces to support human rights and the fight for women’s rights in Turkey.

On International Women’s Day, TBWA\Istanbul compiled all the previously published articles about suspicious female deaths from Birgün Newspaper, creating a one-page special edition archival print. The print featured a single message, a headline hard to ignore: Don’t let femicides be covered up! 

On the same day, the print was transformed into an ambient street installation, resembling a woman’s lifeless body covered with newspapers. As passersby shared images of the installation on social media, the issue gained widespread attention. Hundreds of people used their own Birgün Newspapers as protest banners during Women’s Day marches, turning the print into a symbol of the demonstrations.

The Results

Reach on social media
Total reach

The installation swiftly entered Turkey’s agenda and gained viral attention. It was shared on social media by thousands of people. However, due to the significant attention and its poignant portrayal of these deaths, law enforcement authorities promptly removed it.

The news of the installation was featured in BirGün Newspaper the following day and distributed to newsstands. The special edition was subsequently highlighted in news programs and utilized as a banner during international women’s day marches, which were once again halted by brutal police intervention. The measurable results are as follows: 2 million reach on Instagram, 5 million media reach, 3 million clicks, and a reach of 10 million views.