Chase Down That Plastic

Chase Down That Plastic

SK Gecentric


The Challenge

Initially, SK Geocentric was a leading plastic manufacturer in Korea, under a different name. But in 2021, the company transitioned its focus from manufacturing to recycling plastic and adopted the new name SK Geocentric. They spent time developing their recycling technology until 2023 when they were finally prepared to begin marketing.

The Solution

Because SK Geocentric’s plastic recycling technology can recycle all types of plastic waste repeatedly, TBWA\Korea decided to make that the focal point for the brand’s first campaign ever.

Instead of solely focusing on becoming a more eco-friendly company, SK Geocentric adopted an entirely distinct viewpoint on defining plastic waste. They embraced the slogan “Infinite Resource Creator” to represent their mission. This way, people would know that the plastic they’re using at that very moment can become an infinite resource.

To track these moments, they took the campaign outside, reminding people passing by that take-out cups from a coffee shop, soccer uniforms people wear at a stadium, and even car bumpers on the highway can become infinite resources.

The Results

Brand awareness
Of people said their perspective on plastic waste changed

The campaign covered 37,286 OOH screens with 20 unique messages, generating millions of impressions. Each plastic object was strategically selected to match with its media location. For example, a message for a worn out soccer uniform displayed on a billboard by the soccer stadium, and military activewear by a military base. All different types of OOH were covered, from bus shelters, to subway station digital screens, highway billboards, to elevator screens. 

As a result, 81.5% of the audience said that their perspective on plastic waste has changed. And 85.5% of the target audience agreed that plastic could be the next infinite resource. Also, despite being its first brand campaign, the initiative was able to raise brand awareness from close-to-zero to 25%.