Cendrillon 2023



The Challenge

The ALDI supermarket chain pioneered the hyper-discount system, adapting it to various periods. In its latest advertising film, ALDI modernized the classic Cinderella story for today’s world. To truly resonate, the story must be told through social networks, as they represent our world today.

In France, people often avoid advertising, especially aggressive discount supermarket ads that lack a real message. That’s why understanding and utilizing social platforms is crucial for ALDI. It enables the brand to communicate with its target audience, particularly Gen Z, while distinguishing itself from competitors.

The Solution

Young people often distrust brands but readily consume content on social networks. The campaign’s idea is to bring the TVC’s characters to life as real people of our time by using digital platforms and adopting prevalent habits. For example, the protagonist created a Facebook account to post a personal ad in groups for big city residents. He also uses dating apps to find his beloved and posts an announcement about his single shoe on Vinted, a platform used when something is lost. For increased visibility, this unique announcement also appears on the Instagram account @LesPepitesDeVinted (translatable as @VintedGems), followed by hundreds of thousands of people.

The Results

Increase in engagement
increased brand loyalty
improved brand perception

The campaign reached 2 million impressions nationwide, and it has become ALDI’s most engaging digital campaign ever with 410% more interactions than usual. On Tinder, the campaign had a conversion rate of 140%. A meaningful dialogue was established with young audiences, evident from a video completion rate exceeding benchmarks by 25%. ALDI invested Following the campaign, brand loyalty increased by 5%, and brand perception improved by 10%.