Celebrate Builders

Celebrate Builders

Tout Faire


The Challenge

With 65% of professional clients, Tout Faire has observed a declining image of building craftsmanship in France for several years. To evaluate this negative perception, the brand conducted a comprehensive survey in September 2023 with the Opinion Way research institute, involving 1000 French citizens and 302 artisans. The goal was to compare public perception with that of artisans.

The study revealed the French people’s appreciation for these professions but also exposed strong prejudices, as they are perceived as strenuous and poorly paid. However, nearly three-quarters of the artisans surveyed are driven by passion for their craft. These conflicting views explain why 80% of artisans face recruitment challenges, and 70% believe they will struggle to find a successor when the time comes.

The Solution

To give artisans the visibility they deserve, TBWA\Paris leveraged the excitement around the Paris 2024 Olympic Games to hijack the event before it began, while stadiums and infrastructure were still under construction. They deployed massive banners on Olympic construction sites, featuring real workers from those sites photographed nude in Olympian poses as a modern reinterpretation of Ancient Greek sculptures.

For the first time, artisans could sign their work through QR codes placed around the stadiums, linking to the names of all participants in the constructions. In total, TBWA\Paris installed 450 unique installations (ranging from 3 to 54 meters high), suspended by cranes and construction vehicles, throughout France and in all group stores.

The Results

YouTube views
Awareness in the target audience
Completion rate on YouTube (benchmark: 2.5%)
celebrate buidlers
celebrate buidlers
celebrate buidlers
celebrate buidlers
celebrate buidlers