Bullshit Jobs

Bullshit Jobs

Tout Faire


The Challenge

In 2023, Tout Faire, a construction material sales expert, sought to recruit 1000 profiles to assist artisans in renovation, construction, and furnishing tasks. TBWA\Paris capitalized on the growing discussions around bullshit jobs and the Big Quit movement to remind people of the importance of these roles in the construction industry, which struggles to recruit. By reflecting the brand’s 30-year history of supporting artisans, the campaign aimed to help disillusioned employees resign and rediscover meaning in their work.

The Solution

According to the “Global Workforce Hope & Fears” study by PWC, almost 1 in 2 employees is considering resigning from their job within the year. With this in mind, Tout Faire has centered its new recruitment campaign on: “Exit Bullshit Jobs”

This highly contextualized communication targets office employees seeking more meaningful work. At the heart of the campaign are three pre-filled, detachable resignation letters distributed in local press, along with stunts and stickers placed around large companies—the epicenters of these infamous “bullshit jobs.”

The Results

On each of the materials was a QR code that directs the public to the online job offers. The impact was immediate: only 2 days after its launch, the campaign gathered 600 resumes. 

Bullshit Jobs
Bullshit jobs