Art Against the Ravages of Time

Pacific Paint (Boysen) Phils. Inc.


The Challenge

With Boysen celebrating its 64th year in Philippines, TBWA\SMP sought to create an effort that would pay homage to the brand’s unparalleled legacy and lasting presence in the country.

Aside from being a commercial and industrial paint, the brand is also popular among creative circles. The brand and TBWA\SMP aimed to create something that would be geared towards its creative audience.

The Solution

Honor Boysen’s lasting heritage by featuring gracefully aged Boysen-painted walls from across the country. TBWA\SMP recreated these walls on large archival digital canvases, with each layer, crease, and crack symbolizing the brand’s legacy. The art exhibit showcased these prints as a testament to the brand’s quality and a reflection on time.

The Results

The exhibit, attended by prominent art critics, designers, photographers, and artists, received positive feedback for its non-traditional approach to showcasing the passage of time and highlighting the brand’s legacy.

An orange painted wall worn with the passage of time, revealing blue underneath
A green and white painted wall worn with the passage of time
A red painted wall worn with the passage of time