Beymen Golden Opulence

Beymen Golden Opulence



The Challenge

For over 50 years, Beymen has been the luxury destination for the world’s most prominent designers.

However, luxury is often associated with the West. To challenge this notion, Beymen partnered with TBWA\Istanbul to create a comprehensive approach that celebrates Istanbul’s cultural legacy, which has inspired the world for 500 years.

The Solution

TBWA\Istanbul enlisted the help of 50 top brands from Beymen’s luxury portfolio, such as Dior, Valentino, Tom Ford, and Balmain, to create a unique piece symbolizing the inspiration they draw from the rich history of Turkish lands.

This collaboration served as a tribute to Turkish culture, with each brand designing an item as a heartfelt acknowledgment of the blessings bestowed by Turkey’s cultural heritage.

The Results

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People visited the exhibition from November 6th to December 12th