An Order Worth Waiting For

An Order Worth Waiting For



The Challenge

At McDonald’s, quality has historically been the most challenging aspect to change people’s perception on, as QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) traditionally leaves much to be desired.

They tasked TBWA\España to improve the public’s perception of the quality of the McDonald’s brand, by demonstrating the local origin of their ingredients and focusing on the brand purpose in Spain, which is to support the agricultural sector.

The Solution

To emphasize the effort and care put into each and every item, TBWA\España created a campaign showing the entire process of creating a menu item at McDonald’s – from the origin of each ingredient until it arrives at the table.

They invited people to place their orders at and launched a commercial where they surprised a group of customers by telling them that their order would take six months.

When placing the order, they initiated a six-month-long conversation with consumers, during which McDonald’s suppliers shared real-time updates for each ingredient.

Six months later, when the orders were ready, they brought together farmers and customers at an event to appreciate and recognize their collective efforts. In a grand finale, some orders were even delivered via tractor through the city, with the entire event being broadcast live on social media.

The Results

Earned media
Sales contribution
Quality perception
Compromise perception
An Order Worth Waiting For