Always There

Always There

McDonald’s / Ronald McDonald’s House


The Challenge

The Ronald McDonald House Charity has existed in Switzerland for 30 years, yet its specific mission remains largely unknown to the general population.

For the brand’s anniversary, a film was created to tell its story in a simple, emotional manner, based on a powerful insight that is particularly relevant for the target audience (younger parents).

The Solution

The love you feel for your child makes you unexpectedly vulnerable. And there are few things worse than not being able to be there for your child in an emergency. To bring this insight to life, the film follows a father and his daughter through the years.

The father empathizes with her smallest painful experiences and is always there for her. But that all changes when his daughter is hospitalized with a serious illness. Thankfully, the Ronald McDonald House Charity makes it possible for the father and daughter to be there for each other again during this difficult time.