The Challenge

In the Mexican market, Heinz aims to overcome brand awareness challenges and establish itself among consumers—with the ultimate goal of becoming a global icon masterbrand. Heinz saw the Super Bowl as a prime opportunity to begin this expansion. 

Working within a limited budget, Heinz tasked Teran\TBWA to engage Mexico’s NFL fans while emphasizing their core message, “It Has to Be Heinz.”

The Solution

During the Super Bowl, 70% of ads in Mexico are related to food, restaurants, and delivery services. Teran\TBWA recognized a unique opportunity in this trend. They introduced “Heinzterception,” an Instagram filter that allowed viewers to intercept food ads and inject Heinz’s iconic ketchup onto all those other food brands—and share them for a chance to win a trip to the next Super Bowl in New Orleans.

The strategy integrated Heinz into previously inaccessible spaces by using competitor ads during the Super Bowl. It capitalized on viewers’ extensive mobile phone usage during the game, employing both technology and social media to enhance their Super Bowl experience.

The Results

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