Rockstar stormzy virtual concerts

1 Performance. 5 Worlds.

Rockstar Energy | PepsiCo

180 Amsterdam

The Challenge

In 2023, amid a cost of living crisis and an increasingly competitive UK energy drinks market, people were working harder than ever, impacting their energy levels and enjoyment of life.

Rockstar Energy, struggling with inconsistent communications and a lack of brand identity, needed a breakthrough moment to drive awareness, favorability, and cultural relevance while connecting with an exhausted audience.

The Solution

To counteract people’s exhaustion, 180 Amsterdam aimed to provide a unique experience that would uplift people physically and emotionally, reflecting the brand and product.

Based on research, they identified music as the key entry point and developed an innovative interactive concert featuring Stormzy, one of the UK’s biggest and most energetic artists. Partnering with Spotify, they transformed the audience’s favorite streaming platform into a multimedia experience with experiential extensions in key cities.

During the concert, users could seamlessly switch between five different worlds (and versions of Stormzy) by tapping their screens. Each world represented their main interests (live music, gaming, travel, nightlife, and art), offering a fully customizable experience that provided the emotional boost they needed.

The Results

PR impressions globally
Points in brand awareness (UK)
Points in purchase intent (UK)
Points in brand favorability (UK)

By partnering with Spotify, Rockstar was able to create a revolutionary concert experience giving people exactly what they needed, and made them see Rockstar Energy as their go-to enabler of play. 

The concert’s impact was huge, seeing the highest active engagement time for a brand led campaign on Spotify in Europe (23.04 – 24.04). It earned 4.5x the number of unique and engaged visitors versus previous brand-led digital experiences on Spotify, across 215,478 unique concert experiences, 19million views, and 32million listens.

The campaign received a whopping 1.4billion PR impressions, and was featured in over 30 articles including the Rolling Stones and Bloomberg.

Rockstar Energy Presents: 1 Performance. 5 Worlds.
Rockstar Energy Presents: 1 Performance. 5 Worlds.
Rockstar Energy Presents: 1 Performance. 5 Worlds.