Zioux Break Free


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March 26th, 2020 is a day that will forever be etched in our collective memories. Overnight, we became prisoners in our own homes. For the first time, we truly got to experience was it was like to be caged. There was no escape, and we became desperate to be let out.

We had just the place in mind for when that time came – a luxury Cocktail bar, Champagne lounge and restaurant, deep in the heart of lively Johannesburg. We would call it Zioux (pronounced “Zoo”), and it would be the place where post lockdown, we could break free. Free from Johannesburg’s urban jungle, free from restrictions, free from the norms that hold us back. Zioux became a luxurious break from reality, filled with theatrics and wild flare.

The Challenge

During the 2020 lockdown, when no restaurants where open, our client wanted us to develop a new brand for a high-end bar and restaurant in Johannesburg.

So, we set out to create a space where people could escape from the horror that world was going through.

The Solution

We utilized the cultural context of the global pandemic to create an experience where people could break free from both their literal and figurative cages.

The design of our space was integral to bringing our idea to life. Each element was interwoven with African Art Nouveau to help bring our caged animals to life. The anthropomorphic subject matter in our artwork and illustrations served as a reminder that we are all animals who have an inherent instinct to live free.

The Results

Two months before Zioux’s opening night, the restaurant was fully booked for 3 months. It took a mere 14 months after opening to earn back every penny spent on this extravagant venue.

The Marble Group saw growth in brand awareness with many other businesses approaching them for brand partnerships, TV filming, and celebrity interactions.


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