In the digital era, nobody reads the full article, that’s why headlines are so important because help people to stay up to date. During the Covid-19 years, the Italian online newspapers used manipulated headlines generating panic among the readers. “Taranto. 82 years old dies after receiving the vaccine” is only an example of how clickbait and social media echo chambers manipulated people’s opinions. Misinformation is prolonging the pandemic and costing lives. But there‚Äôs something we can do – we invited people to spend more time in reading the whole article.

For 24 hours all articles on wired.it, and on the journal’s social media channels, were published without a title, but with a single headline: This article has no title. (Questo articolo non ha titolo in italian). A brave provocation that generated a strong reaction among journalists, influencers, opinion leaders and most of all, common people, who shared the need for a more ethical journalism, free from clickbait and sensationalistic headlines.


The campaign had an important impact on the entire Italian population: people demonstrated their aim for a more ethical journalism, without sensationalistic headlines. We got over 5,500 reactions and shares, about 670,000 impressions, a reduction of 33% of bounce rate and more full articles read, with a total estimated of more than 2,750,000 words read, in addition to the title.