Images of media where workers are drinking McDonald's coffee

Wide Awake

Arcos Dorados & McDonald’s



We turned 250 building security screens into outdoor media. How? By taking the virtual door-attending totems—a place that had never been used by any brand before— and transforming them into a new advertising platform, sending a McCafé coffee to all their remote door attendants in order to display our product all day and all night.

The Challenge

In Uruguay and neighboring countries, more and more buildings are using virtual doormen by placing screens in their halls with security working remotely 24/7. Because it’s cheaper, and they are literally everywhere. This requires specific attention from the door attendants who work for these companies, given that instead of surveilling only one entrance, they must be vigilant and watch over the security of multiple buildings at once.

The Solution

That’s why we made an agreement with Spotter, the city’s leading video surveillance company, and we placed our product for all to see. Sending a McCafé coffee to all their remote door attendants in order to display our product all day and all night, throughout the screens of over 250 buildings where the company operates.

Besides highlighting the idea that a McCafé coffee keeps you wide awake, we made the most out of this security circuit to create a new media.

The Results

With this idea, we created a new mass media by making the most out of a circuit of screens that had never been used before. It’s a business opportunity for video surveillance companies, for brands, and doormen, who will now be able to get their work done while enjoying a McCafé coffee.

In one month, we managed to be present all over the city, reaching an approximate total of 13,850,000 interactions with homeowners, neighbors, and pedestrians who passed by. This number might sound small for countries with larger demographics, but it’s an enormous achievement for a country the size of Uruguay.



Carabaos being guided through the McDonald's drive thru