We Named It “Defender” For A Reason

Land Rover



A “Defender” campaign, built on the essence of the brand: Defending Nature.

The Challenge

People who dedicate their lives to defending natural habitats often embody characteristics such as courage, strength, and relentless determination. These individuals require a strong and reliable vehicle to accompany them on their environmental missions.

Land Rover needed to solidify its role for this generation of nature lovers, just like it has for many people throughout history.

The Solution

TBWA\Istanbul created a campaign emphasizing the cultural heritage of Land Rover vehicles, which have been preferred by explorers, environmentalists, natural life defenders, conservationists and many other professions involving nature since the beginning of production.

For this campaign, “We Named It Defender for a Reason,” we have examined world photography archives to showcase the many passionate defenders of nature who have used the Defender on their honorable life journey.

Each ad tells a different story, informing us about the unknown, yet extremely important contribution of these people to nature. The photos depict real-life moments, not fabricated or staged, raw and natural, just like the Defender itself.

The Results

The campaign successfully repurposed the Defender’s name, serving not just as model name but also a spotlight for what the brand stands for and how it helped the real “defenders.”


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