The Hilton brand stands for “To New Memories.” So, how can we aid people in creating not only great memories but also preserving them? The answer is simple: the foundation of a great memory is a great photo. Therefore, “Waitographer” was introduced – an internal program aimed at upskilling Hilton staff as mobile photographers.

The Challenge

How could Hilton not only live up to its brand promise “To New Memories” but give the world a reason to talk about it? Hilton aspired to connect with its audiences in a genuine way, beyond the traditional brand campaign.

The cornerstone of a great memory is a great photo. But there’s a problem: most holiday pictures are out of focus, cropped, or end up with a finger on the lens. What if we could make every waiter or waitress at Hilton a truly great photographer of precious memories?

The Solution

Hilton tapped into a universal contemporary issue: waiters are often not skilled at taking photos. Therefore, we introduced “Waitographer,” an internal program led by renowned photographers aimed at upskilling Hilton staff and providing them with official certification training as mobile photographers. Initially launched with 70 graduates in the UAE, the program has now expanded globally.

The Results

Earned Media Value
Doubled Purchase Intent
Increase in Word of Mouth

The most important impact has been the change in mindset: everyone at Hilton has always been committed to creating amazing moments, but now they’ve become more aware of turning beautiful moments into beautiful memories.

This change in culture has been so deep that Hilton is now launching the “Waitographer Generated Content Competition” as well as the “Waitographer of the Month”. On top of this, the initiative has generated PR across global publications as diverse as Hotelier Middle East, Trade Arabia, Business Traveler and Boutique Hotelier. This resulted in $7.5million in earned media value. “Waitographer” even made it into Urban Dictionary.  

Picture board for Hilton's Waitographer


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