This Changes Everything




Through the use of a big, red ribbon, we depicted how Moderna is leading the way in mRNA technology.

The Challenge

Moderna is a well-known brand, but it’s really only known for it’s work in Covid. Most people don’t understand that mRNA isn’t just a Covid-19 vaccine, it is a technology platform that will transform the future of medicine. We strive to educate and excite consumers about the future applications of mRNA technology and highlight Moderna as the company leading the way.

The Solution

Our goal was to establish Moderna as THE mRNA company and as a true disruptive leader in health – admired by the public and desired by future employees and partners.

We created a film that visually depicts an mRNA strand in the form of a big, red ribbon, and took the audience on a ride through a variety of environments to explain how mRNA has revolutionized our ability to combat viruses.


Protected: Through the Five Passes