Ten mannequins are dressed with the national soccer jerseys of ten national soccer teams, against a plain black background

The Official Leak of the Adidas World Cup Kits




Gen Z football fans are unlike other generations. They don’t solely revolve around the game; they have varied interests such as music, food, fashion, and self-expression. To understand what motivates this demographic, TBWA\London tapped into the Gen Z community and tailor-made a campaign that reflects their values, putting them in charge of the narrative.

The Challenge

How do you take the ultimate patriotic product – the World Cup football shirts of national teams – and give them meaning for a generation that doesn’t do patriotism, or that may not feel connected to the location of the latest World Cup, such as Qatar? Especially if the youth today prioritizes different values and beliefs than traditional nationalism?

The Solution

Instead of launching Adidas’ 2022 World Cup kits, we leaked them, tapping into a huge phenomenon in football culture. We hid each of the kits in plain sight, in places where Gen Z hang out. Influencers and talents from the different markets either wore their team’s shirt or subtly featured it in their social content to be discovered. From two of Japan’s biggest mangas to a barbershop in Argentina, the leaks had fans everywhere wondering, “@adidas are these kits legit?”. This was the official leak of the Adidas World Cup kits.

The Results

Social Media Reactions
Adidas search volume – taking over Nike 1.7 times over


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