A dog sled pulls a giant freschetta pizza freezer over a frozen lake

The Great Pizza Expedition

Freschetta Pizza

TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles


Freschetta Pizza has launched a new out-of-home campaign in which it delivers a freezer full of products to an isolated town in Minnesota via dog sled. The campaign aims to assist the residents of Angle Inlet in reducing the amount of time they spend traveling to distant grocery stores and instead allow them to spend more quality time with their loved ones around the dinner table.

The Challenge

While working with the Minnesota-based Freschetta pizza brand, the TBWA\Chiat\Day LA team learned that due to a mapping error in the 1700s, the northernmost part of the US, a small town called Angle Inlet, Minnesota, was left off the continental map. This means that for centuries, local residents have been forced to spend hours crossing two borders just to visit their nearest grocery store.

The Solution

Freschetta takes pride in its craft of frozen pizza. As part of its “Respect the Pizza” platform, the brand strives to uphold the same level of respect that it has for its product, towards others who share the same passion for pizza-making. And as a Minnesota-based company, Freschetta will always support its neighbors.

To alleviate the need for residents of a local town to travel all day for something that should be easily accessible, the brand showed respect where it was due and brought pizza north. In a unique out-of-home (OOH) experience, a freezer filled with Freschetta pizza was pulled by sled dogs and delivered right in the heart of Angle Inlet, a town that had been left out in the cold.

The Results

Earned media value
Media dollars spent

At the launch event, the entire town participated in the experience of purchasing a frozen pizza and avoiding a trip across the border, saving residents a total of 240 hours from their next trip. All 150 pizzas were distributed and the freezer is still available for community use.

In the days that followed, Freschetta received over 275 million impressions and generated $1.9 million in earned media value, all without spending any money on advertising. This made The Great Frozen Pizza Expedition the brand’s most successful campaign to date. The campaign received coverage from local, national, and international news outlets, with over 390 picking it up and noting the campaign’s unique ability to address real-world problems.


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