A.I. generated images of managers, lovers, and thugs

The B A.I S

Wired Italy



The B A.I. S is an A.I.-generated campaign about A.I. bias. After testing A.I. for inclusivity, TBWA\Milan and Wired Italy created an impactful awareness campaign to showcase the biases that exist within A.I.

The Challenge

Wired is a tech magazine with a distinctive focus on the relationship between new technologies and culture. Wired wanted to ensure that its voice was heard on A.I., so they tapped TBWA\Milan to create a significant and impactful project.

The Solution

One of the main values of the brand is equality, so we tested multiple A.I.s to check how inclusive they were.

We provided an A.I.-based text-to-image generator with some basic prompts like ‘imagine a manager’, ‘a thug’, ‘two lovers’. However, the generated results were inevitably correlated with stereotypes. Interestingly, all the managers generated by the A.I. were portrayed as males, all the thugs as people of color, and all the lovers as heterosexual couples. The bias encoded in these images became the campaign’s visuals, which were showcased on various media platforms such as OOH and DOOH billboards, Wired’s social media channels, and their magazine.

The Results

Registered increase of conversations on A.I. bias since the campaign began
Organic Interactions
Estimated People Reached
Net Sentiment


Classify Consent

Images taken from movies and TV shows that showcase times where consent was not given