Lucky Generals is one of the UK’s top advertising agencies and is known for its campaigns which put something back into the community. For this initiative, the agency published a book and donated all the royalties to an organization called Commercial Break, who help working class kids get a lucky break into the creative industries. In Go Luck Yourself, one of the world’s leading brand strategists and founding partner of Lucky Generals, Andy Nairn, explains how a hunting trip led to the invention of VELCRO®. How a little mermaid inspired a famous campaign for Amazon. How a stolen rabbit spurred on Walt Disney. And more importantly, how you can stack the odds in your brand’s favour.

Andy Nairn draws on everything from architecture to zoology, as well as almost 30 years working with some of the most successful companies on the planet, to provide a series of thought-provoking strategies that will help anyone responsible for building a brand.