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Introducing our new TBWA visual design system. We are no longer just an advertising agency, but a total brand experience company. 

The Challenge

Decades ago, we pioneered Disruption® as a business transformation methodology. To us, Disruption® has never been a catchphrase or trend. It’s a mindset. A behavior. We don’t dabble in it. We embody it, day in and day out. It’s how we’ve created some of the world’s most iconic brands and work.

Disruption® asks us to avoid the boring, the mundane, and the ruts. To break conventions, fight the unexpected, and return the status quo to the sender. As with most things, what was once fresh and exciting can become tired, leaving us with a desire for novelty, for change. It’s time to evolve. It’s time for a refresh.

The Solution

Design systems are at their best when they are living breathing systems with key elements that ground the brand over time. In this redesign, our core visual equities remain fixed. So, what’s new? A distinct and expressive typeface, strong injection of culture and personality in ways we haven’t tapped into before, and new tools utilizing cutting-edge technology.

TBWA is a radically open creative collective with nearly 300 offices around the world. Each office has its own personality and special skills, and the cities our people hail from have unique cultures. While we thrive on our differences, we are united by our common language of Disruption®. Our refreshed design system both pivots around the cornerstones that tie us together and gives us the latitude to express our differences. This system is the ultimate visual expression of our value: “None of us are as good as all of us”.

The Results

Our redesigned visual identity unites our Collective through a shared visual language grounded by core visual identities while allowing the freedom and flexibility for unique expressions of the cities and the people that make up TBWA. 

Each office and member of our Collective is also represented through our 3D illustrations that celebrate diversity – through unique and iconic cultural representations of cities in our Collective, as well as diverse skin tones, body types, gender expression, abilities, ages, and more. 

Our business and visual identity system evolutions evidence that Disruption® is not just lip service, but how we approach internal and external initiatives. The good work we do has to start with ourselves first so we can meet the market with a strong position and offering. 


This Changes Everything (completed)

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